Professional capability:
1.) Design of Metro and Railway Stations and consultancy to designers and architects.
2.) Methods and means of increasing capacity of metros and commuter railway systems; design of innovative platform screen door systems for metro stations.
3.) Planning of buildings for public infrastructure; Integration of metro systems into the transportation system of a city, technically and by means of architectural design; Design of innovative parking systems in cities and within limited space; Design of commuter parking systems.
4.) Development of materials of fire protection in confined spaces as there are tunnels and underground stations; technology development support to manufacturers
5.) Support for innovative concepts of railway vehicle for public transportation
6.) Urban Planning at a large scale and detailed scale with transportation concepts
7.) Planning of integrating transport and energy infrastructure into landscape and environment
Studies for the integration of platform screen doors into existing stations and running metro systems; Studies for Passenger Guidance System for the commuter railway network of Munich, Germany; several metro stations and parking systems in South Germany; vehicle parking related to public transportation; development of materials of fire protection in confined spaces as there are tunnels and underground stations – several fire tests; integration of lighting and passenger guidance in tunnels and underground stations for better orientation in daily operation and emergency cases; consultancy to several city authorities and to manufacturers in the public transport industry; development of platform door systems for metros; development of concepts for a light rail train with energy systems not yet used in railway technology.
Projects (examples):
2011/2012 Development of a new type of Platform Screen Doors (PSD) half high, flexible and only connected to the platform edge
2010 Development of PSD with flat design, as a part of a project for PSD with projection surfaces for moving pictures respectively PSD with inside mounted TFT or other material for showing moving pictures (as there is information, advertizing and others)
2009 Development and patent submission flexible platform screen / gate doors (half high flexible PSD)
currently Consulting to several cities, especially Garching near Munich and Berlin concerning the possibility of integrating PSD
from 2008 Planning of an intermodal transport station at Feldmoching metro station, Munich

Beginning to develop a new PSD type
2007 – 2008 Consulting metro companies concerning handling increasing passenger numbers and minimizing efficiency deficits in order to cope with the changes caused by growing metro systems
2007 Consulting to the Catalan public entity "Ifercat", Barcelona, Spain (Planned changes in ownership and legal frame regarding the Cercanías commuter train system)
2005 Development of Guidance and Security System for complex transport systems
2005 – 2006 Development of solution in connection with the planned automatization of Lines 1 and 13 of the Paris Metro, integration of platform screen doors a.o. into historical station environment; including consulting for technical solutions for the civil interface
1999 – 2003 Development of solutions to increase safety and efficiency of railway / metro systems Several patents in this field.
1999 – 2004 Accompanying German Railways and the engineering companies for German Railways in different projects within studies and plannings for gaining right of building/ right of way (Planfeststellungsverfahren)
1999 – 2005 Preliminary studies for 2nd Central Tunnel, Munich, especially concerning the interaction to historical buildings underneath or near the planned tunnel
Until 2005 Involved in planning of the metro and S-Bahn interchange station of Moosach, client: City of Munich, Department of Public Buildings (Baureferat)
2001 – 2003 "S-Bahn-Standard for surface Stations of the Munich Commuter Railway System": Creation of the Preliminary Requirements in text and principal drawings for new and upgraded / refurbished stations, leading of the planning process with an experts' team with members of Bavarian State Authorities, the owner of the Railway Infrastructure
2002 New Main Station of Lindau (Lake Constance). Design of the Station Building, in team with Wisserodt Ingenieure, Hannover, Munich office.
2002 Research concerning "Speed dependent brake distance of train in Automatic Train Operation" supporting the planned improvement of the existing central line of Munich S-Bahn (commuter train lines) and the planned Second Central (Tunnel) Line
2002 Study concerning deep situated metro stations (35-45 metres / 100 - 140 feet below surface) and improvement of access- and metro line change possibilities for large amounts of passengers (750000 per day) in order to prepare planning of the Second Central S-Bahn (commuter train) Tunnel in the city of Munich; preliminary study on escalator speeds and size and speed of elevators for passengers.
2000 – 2002 Technical outline and outlay of a new railway vehicle for the planned Metropolitan Area Light Railway for Munich’s Surrounding Cities and Communities. Developing this railway vehicle both for heavy rail and light rail use creating a multiple system vehicle with fuel cell energy supply. Client: MVV Transport Authority, Munich.
Since 1999 Participation in a inter-disciplinary team of research (Deutsche Montan Technologie DMT, a.o.), Producers (Liederer+Partner, different producers of enamelled ceramic steel and physical-technical simulation companies developing fire safe tunnel linings.
1999 – 2003 Study on the level of Authorities and Operation Companies of the S-Bahn Munich in order to develop a Passenger Guidance System for the Munich Commuter Railway System which is able to improve safety and capacity of the transportation system; development of the possibilities for technical realization.
June - August 1989 Competition Sachsenhäuser Berg Metro Station,
August 1990 – July 1994 Design and Project Management Dülferstrasse and Feldmoching Metro Stations, Munich, together with Peter Lanz, Architect
From July 1991 Freelance Architect
From October 1991 Planning of Industrial Buildings in Auerbach, Baalsdorf near Leipzig and Greiz, East Germany, as well as Dwelling and Shopping Buildings
more ...
March 1995 Previous Project for a High Speed Railway Station, together with the architects Joaquim Bover, Enric Bayona and Carles Garrido, Girona, Spain more ...
1995 and 1996 Finishing Industrial Buildings in Auerbach (Saxony) and Greiz, East Germany
From August 1996 Urban Planning in Manching and Blaichach, Bavaria, South Germany
July 1996 – February 1997 Architectural Planning for the project of a subterranean automatic parking under the Bebelplatz, Berlin, with BMW Group Transportation
Research Department
July 1996 – October 1997 Architectural Planning and technical consultancy for the City Belt Line Project for Munich Metro, with BMW Group Transportation Research Department
August 1996 – Nov. 1996 Project MVV Zukunftsbahnhof Moosach, for the Munich Transport Authorities, Improvement of the transfer between different traffic means, with shops and public facilities, with Peter von Bohr, and in collaboration with MVV and BMW Group
Since August 1996 Project study and project, with feasibility study, Zukunftsbahnhof Giesing project, with Peter von Bohr and others (Dynamis, Francfort and Munich, Germany), proof of economical feasibility, partial planning and built parts of the project
Sept. 1996 – Oct. 1997 Architectural Planning of a combination structure of a modern automatic garage and a commercial and office building in Berlin,
Government District, for BMW Group Transportation Research Dept.
Sept. – December 1996 Participation in the study of the Technical University of Dresden, DE Consult and BMW Group Transportation Research Department for a innovative commuter train system of the City of Dresden, East Germany, station outlay and design
1997 Idea Sketches for a preliminary study for a light rail train system with intensified urban land use for the City of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Office of the Director of Planning & Land Use Department
March 1997 – End 1998 Detail studies for urban solutions, lining technique solutions and engineering solutions for the "compact tunnels”, a BMW proposal for the second level of the interurban highway "Mittlerer Ring” in Munich
1998 First built project solutions for the MVV-Zukunftsbahnhof in Munich-Giesing, building shops into the mezzanine level of Giesing metro station; client: Munich Transport (Stadtwerke München Verkehrsbetriebe)
1998 Planning (previous project) of Westpark Shopping Mall, Munich,
with Peter von Bohr, client: BMW Group Transportation Research Department, Study: BBE trading consultancy, Munich
1998 Planning for Munich Pasing station, with shopping mall
more ...
1998 Apartment block in Munich-Moosach
1998 Project studies for shopping mall with offices in the city centre of Xi’an, People’s Republic of China
1999-2000 Study Passenger Guidance Systems for the central tunnel of Munich commuter train system (underground central tunnel)
1999 und 2000 Apartement and office building in Plauen, East Germany
1999-2000 Research and Development of a system of fire safe tunnel linings, with different enamel producers and tunnel lining firms and with Deutsche Montan Technology (research and consultancy institute), Essen and Dortmund, Rhein-Ruhr area, Germany, participation in different patent applications
2000 continuing planning for Munich-Moosach, metro station
(client: City of Munich)
Querschnitt durch einen idealen innerstaedtischen U-Bahnhof